6" Moonsilver V:
Matt's telescope

(Merit Award, RTMC 2010)
This telescope was commissioned for my brother-in-law Matt, a gift from his lovely wife Jill.  The design is a
refinement of my 8" Moonsilver I, adapted to a 6" f/5 mirror.  

It is still unfinished, but I think it has the most graceful lines of all the scopes in the single pole Moonsilver series.
 The mechanics and optics are done, but it still needs some more mahogany veneer and a finish.

I'll post more pictures as the project moves along.
Ross Sackett's amateur telescope making
My telescopes and ATM Projects
And several months later here it is.  First light last night was
Saturn and a nice double star; this morning the Moon,
Venus, and Jupiter.  The scope works great!
Receiving Merit Award from chief judge
Rich Ozer at RTMC 2010
Merit Award judging